Message From The Founder & Executive Chairman
By the grace of Almighty Allah, we have landed towards achieving something remarkable like establishing a spinning mill that gives birth a journey of hope to the land of unemployment. We tackled these times with significant momentum and s sound, flexible strategy designed to adapt to upcoming challenges. We recognized the importance of continuing the execution on this strategy, and listening to our customers to manufacture yarn that best meet their needs.

Like many others companies, we faced a challenging business environment as the global financial crisis became a defining event in 2008. Our accomplishments have been the direct result of strategy focused on segmentation, integration and manufacturing excellence. Over the period, executing this strategy has created positive impact over the customers and differentiated Aftab Spinning Mills from our competitors. We work constantly to identify the needs of specific customer groups to create solutions that will be sustainable.

Aftab Spinning Mills Limited has since lived by its principles of responsibility, exhibiting it not only in successful technical and manufacturing operations, but also as a good corporate entity, helping communities around us. Our strategy is international.Our achievements and sustainable growth would not have been possible without the high moral ground of integrity, fair business practice and a clear vision that goes far and beyond the limits of business goals.

Thank You

Azharul Islam
Founder & Executive Chairman
Aftab Group